30 thoughts on “Preparing a Trial Balance

  1. Dont you think poor completion of the double entry is another reason the trial balance not to balance?

  2. I dont understand why totals for debits and credits must balance.Where is the basis for all this?The amounts are different altogether.

  3. I need some excercise Problems to Learn how to prepare P&L Trail Balance & Balance Sheets,

    Do the needfull.



  4. how i know the status of the company (means what is the total liability, is it profit or not & status of the company)please advise me

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  7. HI, i want to know about following calculations

    balance sheet total+profit and loss statement total- loss or profit = trial balance total

    please let me know about above calculation is true or not or any change.


    pls give me answer as soon as possible.

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