Ten Great Space Stories of 2008

With thanks from the New Scientist website, here are ten great space stories of the past year: Spooky deep space images recall Halloween at its finest. Speculation that the "big bang" was really a "big bounce" Life found in extreme Continue reading

Astronomy Quiz

How well do you know your heavenly bodies and astronomical terms? Shoot for the stars with this fun quiz — ten questions randomly selected from our vast collection! Continue reading

My Astronomy Flashcards

Learn about moons, planets, spectral types, and a host of other astronomical facts and definitions with these flashcards. You can even study while you play a concentration game, too! Continue reading

Universal Gravitation

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation says the force between any two bodies is directly proportional to the product of their masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Use this Formula Solver to learn more. Continue reading

Planetary Nebulae

The expulsion of gaseous materials from some aging stars form planetary nebulae. Here are some illustrated examples. Continue reading

The North Pole Group Constellations

Examine the shape and composition of the constellations immediately surrounding the celestial North Pole. Continue reading