Plasma Membrane – Animal Cell

The plasma membrane is a selectively permeable membrane made up of a lipid bilayer and proteins surrounding the cell. Explore the process, structure, and function of an animal cell’s plasma membrane with this interactive tutorial. Continue reading

Osmosis in an Animal Cell

In biological terms, osmosis is the diffusion of water though a membrane to a region with a lower concentration of water. Do you understand how osmosis works in an animal cell? Take this interactive tour to help you master the concept and terminology. Continue reading

Biology Quiz: Cells

Take this self-quiz to review cell terms and concepts like mitochondria, meiosis, and mitosis. Continue reading

My Cells

Use these flash cards to practice your grasp of cytoplasm, chloroplast, cytokinesis, and dozens of other biology terms. Continue reading

Animal Cell Cycle

Use this tutorial to explore the growth and division processes for animal cells. Continue reading