Picking the Right Science

In most college curricula, you'll need two semesters of science and the corresponding lab courses to satisfy the science requirement. Unless you decide to pursue a science major, that means you'll need to pick an introductory course from the choices Continue reading

Accounting and Finance as a Matter of Perspective

Some people just intuitively ‘get’ accounting and finance, while the rest of us have to struggle along with it. (Or, in the case of my roommate, struggle against it.) It took a few semesters, but it finally dawned on me Continue reading

Best Ways to Cheat in College

As both a student and professor, I have seen the variety of ways students have tried to cheat their way through college. Which ones work the best, and which aren't worth your time? Let's take a look below… Your accounting Continue reading

How to Write an Essay – The Killer Essay Exam

Many of you are thanking the “test gods” because you just found out that your final exam is a multiple choice with some true and false, but others are down in the dumps because they are having an essay exam. Continue reading