Cost of Goods Sold Overview: Study Sheet

This Smartacus Study Sheet will help you to understand how to find cost-of-goods-sold and the value of inventory. Explore definitions and methods (including Average Cost Method, LIFO, and FIFO). It also prints for easy reference. Continue reading

Common Invoice Terms: Quiz

This fun quiz is a great way to study common terms used in invoicing such as proximo, ROG dating, and terms of sale. Continue reading

Depreciation Study Sheet

Depreciation is the periodic, systematic expiration of the cost of a company’s fixed assets (except for land). Learn more about what depreciation is and is not in this tutorial. Continue reading

Study Sheet of Basic Statistics

Explore basic statistics with this printable Smartacus Study Sheet. Review the types of graphs (line, bar, pie chart), how to read a table, and basic data set values — median, mode, mean, and range. Continue reading