Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Examine chemical symbols, atomic masses, electronegativity, electron shell configuration, and more in this printable interactive periodic table of the elements. We have all the elements discovered thus far, and instructions on how to read the table.

How to Use the Periodic Table

Mouse over the elements to get more detail about each:

  • Name
  • Symbol
  • Type
  • Group
  • Electronegativity
  • Electron Configuration
  • Atomic Mass
  • Atomic Number
  • Period

Click the "How to Use" button on top for a brief explanation about how to use the periodic table.

Click the "Print This" button on top to get a two-page printout — one page is this periodic table, the other is an alphabetic listing of elements. (Put them back to back and you can laminate it for easy access during class!)

Also, in case you have trouble reading the text on screen, click  the "Expanded View" link at the top of the screen to get a larger version.