Acids and Bases

This interactive tutorial will take you through such concepts as dissociation, proton donors, proton acceptors, alkalinity, and more. So don’t be neutral — hop on the pH scales, touch all the bases, and don’t drop any acids! Continue reading

Simple Ionic Bond Builder

Simple ionic bonds formed between two atoms follow the octet rule. Learn how to match valence electrons to make your own ionic bonds with this interactive simulation. Continue reading

Polar and Non-Polar Bonds

Examine the terminology and characteristics of polar and non-polar bonds with this interactive tutorial. Continue reading

Molecular Resonance and Chemical Bonding

Molecular Resonance is a way to describe the structure of a molecule that could conceivably be constructed in two or more ways. Learn about this special type of chemical bonding in this tutorial. Continue reading

Chemical Bonds

Examine the terminology and characteristics of ionic bonds, covalent bonds, and valence electrons with this interactive tutorial. Continue reading

Bottomless Worksheet of Pressure Conversion

You’ll get endless practice converting between the millibar, atmosphere, and torr scales with this Bottomless Worksheet. A button-click creates another ten problems, with a printed copy and answer sheet also available. Continue reading

Pressure Conversion

Pressure is defined as force per unit area. Use this Formula Solver to learn how to convert between pressure’s primary units of measurement — millibars, atmospheres, and millimeters of Mercury (or torr). Continue reading


Pressure is defined as force per unit area. This Formula Solver! Series program shows the step-by-step solution for finding pressure (in pascals), force (in newtons), or area (in meters squared) from the other two values (which you can enter yourself). Continue reading


Diffusion is the net movement of particles from a highly concentrated region across a concentration gradient to a region of lower concentration, resulting in equilibrium. Take this interactive tour to help you master the process and terminology. Continue reading

Chemical Properties of Water

Water has many unique characteristics that make it ideal for nurturing life. Learn about them with this tutorial. Continue reading