Periodic Table Cramlet Review

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Periodic Table

Periodic Table

The modern periodic table has been at the heart of chemistry, biology, and other sciences since the pioneering work of Meyer and Mendeleev in the mid-1800s. A periodic table has graced the inside front cover of countless science texts for as long as I can remember, but textbooks don’t always do such a good job of explaining what it is and how to use it.

Unlike these static textbook tables, the Periodic Table Cramlet™ has several features that make it effective where the book is not:

  • Color coding helps to visually distinguish between the different element groups and types.
  • Printouts are just a mouse click away, giving a color printout with an additional page showing the symbols and names in order of their atomic number. Print it out and laminate it for a great carry-around reference!
  • How to Use section explains in detail how to use the table and what each of the terms means. (This is especially useful for us non-scientific types.) Does your textbook do that? I don’t think so!
  • Key information about any element is displayed below the table when you roll over that element with your mouse:
    1. Name
    2. Chemical symbol
    3. Type
    4. Group
    5. Electronegativity
    6. Electron configuration
    7. Atomic mass
    8. Atomic number
    9. Period

The Periodic Table is one of our most popular Cramlets™. Of the features listed here, the best one is that, unlike a textbook, it is available for free to all students.

We are star stuff,

Professor Cram