Study Sheet of Profitability Ratios

Basic Earning Power (BEP), Earnings Per Share (EPS), Gross Profit, Profit Margin, Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Equity (ROE), ROA DuPont, and ROE DuPont ratios are all explained on this printable Smartacus Study Sheet. Continue reading

Study Sheet of Liquidity Ratios

Learn about liquidity ratios (current ratio and quick ratio) using this printable Smartacus Study Sheet. Continue reading

Compound Interest Made Simple

Compound interest is the method of finding interest where interest is charged on the principal as well as the interest already accumulated. Review a simpler method for finding compound interest with this tutorial. Continue reading

Average Daily Balance

The Average Daily Balance is the total of the balance at the end of each day during a period divided by the number of days in the period. Learn how to calculate average daily balance (ADB) in this tutorial. Continue reading

Rule of 78

The Rule of 78 is a method of allocating interest charges for the life of a loan. Learn how the Rule of 78s works in this tutorial. Continue reading

Intro Business Quiz

How well do you know your business terms? Take the plunge with this fun quiz — ten questions randomly selected from accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, business organization, and human resources. Continue reading

My Intro Business Flashcards

Learn the important terms and definitions for accounting, marketing, economics, and other business disciplines with these flashcards. You can even study while you play a concentration game, too! Continue reading

Smart Stock – Investment Simulator

Test your financial genius with this smart stock market simulation. Make your millions or blow it all on a bad break — this is an addictive game! Continue reading

Business Entity Consultant

Deciding on a business structure for your company is easier than you might think. By answering a series of basic questions, this virtual consultant can advise you of your choice (while teaching you the pros and cons of each type). Continue reading