Ratio Analysis

Ratios used in financial analysis compare companies to or within an industry. We have listed groups of commonly used ratios with links to examples, explanations, and formulas. Continue reading

Finance Homework Help

We get alot of finance and MBA students searching for homework help at our site. Whether the textbook is confusing or the case notes are incomplete or they just need some extra help, we have a bunch of resources to Continue reading

Study Sheet of Liquidity Ratios

Learn about liquidity ratios (current ratio and quick ratio) using this printable Smartacus Study Sheet. Continue reading

Quick Ratio

This interactive tutorial explains the Quick Ratio concept, putting the ratio into its proper context, by walking you through the calculations. It also shows you where to find each value on the corresponding financial statement, and even gives you the opportunity to enter your own values. Continue reading

Current Ratio

This interactive tutorial explains the current ratio by walking you through the steps, including where to find Current Assets and Current Liabilities on the Balance Sheet. It even lets you use your own numbers, so you can check your homework answers! Continue reading