Bottomless Worksheet of Temperature Conversion

You’ll get endless practice converting between the millibar, atmosphere, and torr scales with this Bottomless Worksheet. A button-click creates another ten problems, with a printed copy and answer sheet also available. Continue reading

Temperature Conversion

Use this Formula Solver to learn how to convert between temperature’s primary units of measurement — degrees Celcius or Centrigrade, Kelvin, and degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading

Centripetal Force

A mass moving in a circle at constant velocity needs a force directed towards the center of the circle in order to maintain the circular motion and constant velocity. Learn how to calculate this Centripetal Force with this Formula Solver. Continue reading

Centripetal Acceleration

An object in motion with velocity (v) must be accelerated inwards in order to travel in a circle or radius (r). This inward acceleration is called centripetal acceleration; see how to calculate it with this Formula Solver. Continue reading

Energy Conversion

Energy is defined as the capacity of an object for doing work. Use this Formula Solver to learn how to convert between energy’s primary units of measurement — Joules, British Thermal Units (or BTUs), and Calories. Continue reading

Newton’s Second Law

Newton’s Second Law describes the fundamental relationship between force, mass, and acceleration. Use this Formula Solver! Series program to learn how it works (and to check your homework answers, too!) Continue reading