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Plain Cheesecake Recipe – about Plain Cheesecake

This cheesecake dessert recipe is for straight cheesecake. You could add a little flour and some lemon zest to go for New York style cream cheesecake, but I preferPlain Cheesecake this plain cheesecake recipe just like I wrote it out below. Pizza is another matter entirely and I understand the water is what makes the difference for New York pizza!

If you want a cheesecake crust, I recommend either a traditional graham cracker crust or a nut crumb crust with the plain cheesecake. This cheesecake does fine without a heavy crust if you dust the greased pan with graham cracker crumbs. I prepare it this way as a holiday dessert.

Toppings are entirely optional for cheesecakes. If you must have a topping, I recommend a fruit topping for the plain cheesecake recipe. Cherry makes a bright red topping suitable for holiday desserts.

Additional information is available in the Introduction to cheesecakes.

Plain Cheesecake Recipe – Ingredients

Plain Cheesecake Recipe


cheesecake ingredients

2 pounds cream cheese

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

1 ½ cup sugar

6 large eggs

1 cup sour cream

1 cup cream

Plain Cheesecake Recipe – Directions for Preparation and Baking

Plain Cheesecake Recipe

Directions for Preparation and Bakingbeat the cream cheese

1. Preheat the oven to 450°F. I use a stone on the bottom rack. If you haven’t prepared your cheesecake crust yet (see crust recipes) or bought a ready-made one, get the crust ready now. If you have a ready-made crust, you may want to toast it in time to be ready for step 5 below, but that is not required.

2. Beat (or use a mixer) the cream cheese and vanilla in a large mixing bowl. Gradually add the sugar and continue beating until well blended.

3. Add the sour cream and continue beating until you have a smooth consistent texture. Once you add eggs (next step) you won’t be able to fix lumps you leave in now.

4. Add the eggs. I don’t usually, but for a truly light cake, separate the eggs and separately beat the whites to at least twice their original volume before adding to the batter along with the optional yolks. Don’t over beat the egg whites. Switch from a mixer to a wooden spoon now. Once the eggs are stirred in, gradually add the milk or cream (which can also be whipped to lighten the cake) and gently stir until smooth. The batter is ready.

5. Pour the batter into your prepared crust.pour the batter into the crust

6. Place the filled crust in the 450°F oven. Once you have the cake in the oven, don’t open the oven door any more than you have to. You may want to add a pan of water to help maintain/restore humidity in the oven. After fifteen minutes reduce the oven temperature to 300°F and continue baking for another hour before you check on the tall cake (45 minutes for shallow cakes, 30 minutes for cupcakes.)

7. After the plain cheesecake has cooled to room temperature, serve or refrigerate the covered cheesecake.

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