Crappuccino, anyone?

I drink alot of coffee, perhaps too much. (OK, not perhaps. Definitely too much.) Anyway, had to laugh at this story on BBC about animal dung coffee being sold in London.

First of all, I'm appalled that anybody would put anything into Jamaican Blue Mountain. It is the best coffee I've ever had, and should not be spoiled with any sort of mixer — not cream, not sugar, nothing. Drink it black to enjoy the flavor. Anyway, they mix it with Kopi Luwak beans (of which I've never heard before), which are apparently really good.

So where does the animal dung come into play? According to the article, the Kopi Luwak beans are eaten by the Asian palm civet, which only eats the best beans. The civet's digestive system breaks down the flesh of the fruit, leaving the bean undigested when it is "passed".

The "passed" beans are harvested and, in a critical processing step, thoroughly washed. The cleansed beans are then roasted, mixed, brewed, etc. yielding what must be one mean cup of Crappuccino.

No animal dung is harmed in the making of this coffee. Still, some people will drink anything, I guess.