Article Review Assignment Explanation

Greetings and welcome to astronomy and physical science at HACC. The purpose of this article is to walk through one of the assignments that you will be doing over the course of the semester and that is what I call an article review. And the idea of this project is to get you to read an article from a popular science magazine. Now the restrictions are that it be a popular science magazine so don’t go to things like Time or Newsweek those would not be acceptable for this project – things like Astronomy, Sky and Telescope, Popular Science, Science News in Scientific American are very much acceptable. Now one of my requirements is that it must have been written in the last year – so you have to look at something that is within the last year. I don’t want you going back five and six years. There are lots of interesting articles there that are that old but I’m looking for something that is relatively recent for this class.

I also want you to make sure that it is an article and that means that it be a full article and not a new summary. You will find lots of little news summaries which are very interesting – the most recent material discovered but they’ll only be a column or you know half a page long they’re not sufficient for what I want you to do about the review. We also do not want you to do an observing article. So not on how to observe – Astronomy and Sky and Telescope will do lots of articles on how to observe this type of galaxies or how to observe this type of nebula – which is great but again that’s not what I’m wanting you to review. You will note on D2L that there is a list of acceptable articles that I provide. So i will give you a set of articles that are within the last year – you’re welcome to do one of those but if you’re not sure and you’re finding your own article please always check with me send me a quick email and i will be happy to verify the article and let you know.

The difficulty with selecting online articles – I do not recommend that you go directly to the websites of these to find the articles. Often, what you’ll find there or what you’ll find through for example a Google search are the news articles. And you’ll end up losing credit because those are not acceptable articles for the review. You can go through the HACC library website you do have access to that and you can use a searches like EBSCO to actually get articles from magazines like Sky and Telescope or Astronomy and I will provide additional instructions if you need that and I am providing a separate article that kind of walks you through the process of how to find those as well. Then what I ask you is for a summary of this – typically in order to get that I’m looking for a full two to three pages summary that includes all of the following points given here below. So let’s look at each of these in turn. The first thing that I’m looking for is your source for the article.

So what so what was your source if you use the article from for example the HACC libraries that I give you – I give you a number of those articles – you can simply give me that reference. I’m not looking for a specific format for the reference but I am looking for that you have a clear reference the magazine title of the article, the author, and the date that it was published and the pages so that if I have to be able to find it, I can. If you use something from the web include me a link in the submission so that I am able to then find that reference if I need to look it up. So your first one is just your source for the article and whether it is an acceptable article. So in this case you would lose points for a news article – would lose points; an observing article would lose points and an old article would lose points. So you would not get full credit if you are using this type of article you will lose some of the credit there. Now the second thing I want you to look at is why.

Why did you pick this specific article? What about it drew you and interested you about it? So I’m looking for a paragraph don’t just say oh it looked interesting and had some nice pictures. What did it tie into? Did it tie into something that you knew before? Or was it some subjects you interested you and that you really wanted to learn more about? So discuss their give me a paragraph you know five sentences or so about the article and why you picked this specific article.

Now everybody’s favorite part is to summarize it – very easier part to do. I’m looking for just one to two paragraphs though you don’t need to go into great detail – hit the high points of the article so that your reader, me, would know what the article was about even if they had not read this article. A little tougher is the next part – number four tells me what you thought of the article. I am looking for your thoughts on what the article was about. So this should be at least one to two paragraphs that tells me your ideas.

What did they do? What did the articles – what did the authors present well? What did they present well? What did they not present so well? So I am looking for your analysis of the good and the bad points.

I don’t expect you to analyze the science. I expect you to analyze it from the point of view of a reader trying to understand the article and how well did they do about getting across what they were trying to in the article. And how well we’re that they were able to explain perhaps new concepts to you. So an analysis is what I am looking for here and do note that this is the summary is worth 8 points the analysis is worth 8 points. If you’re giving me a two-and-a-half three paragraphs worth of summary then your analysis should be similarly detailed. So don’t give me for example two paragraphs on the summary and then two sentences on the analysis – that will definitely lose credit for the analysis portion.

Finally, also worth 8 points – another big chunk of the review – is the questions. I ask you to come up with three questions that came to mind while you were reading the article. So something you maybe you didn’t understand. A question you’d like to ask the author to clarify better. What I ask you to do in these is to give me the questions – so let me know what your questions were.

And then give me – let’s clear that and give me your reasoning for coming up with those. So let’s look at the rest of this here. So what do we have – what was your reasoning discuss your questions in a sentence or two. So don’t just give me three questions give me three questions and discuss each of them a little bit. Finally just for the writing format that I look at is the last four points of the review and it is to be written in paragraphs.

So don’t use bullet points or numbering in any part of the review. It should all be entirely written as a set of paragraphs. So that means that your questions for example need to be written into the text and not just given as a numbered or bulleted list. So you can lose credit there as well depending on how well your article is done. Now what I do for these article reviews – the due dates will be given on your syllabus. There are three of these over the course of the semester.

I take your two highest grades. So if you do really well on the first two you don’t even have to do the third one. And that gives you the opportunity that if you had to miss one somewhere along the way you can do so. The due dates are given on the syllabus and my due time is always 6 a.m. the day after the due date. So if I tell you they’re due on April the 23rd then as long as I get it by April to 24th at 6am it will not be considered late.

And I will be looking at these points – the six points that I give you above. Your source – was it an acceptable source? Why you picked the article. The summary of the article. The analysis of the article. The questions you came with and the writing format.

I’ll be looking at all of those in terms of grading. So that concludes this article on the article review assignment that you will be doing as part of my astronomy and physical science classes. So I hope this has helped and if there are further questions of course always feel free to contact me. So until next time, have a great day everyone and I will see you in class.