5 Proven Tips On How To Write The Best College Essay

Julie Kim: Not sure how to write your college essays? Wait until the end of this article where I’ll share five proven tips that got my students accepted into their dream colleges. Julie Kim: I’m so glad you landed on my blog. I talk about college admissions, essays, applications, rec letters, mindset work, motivation, time management skills, stress management skills, […]

Present With Confidence With These 3 Powerpoint Tips

This episode contains abbreviated language with dubious meaning. It’s for instructional purposes only. Don’t repeat at work. Today, I want to share with you three tips that helped me make more effective PowerPoint slides and deliver better presentations. So if you go to a lot of internal company meetings and you need to present at some of them, so either […]

What Is An Annotated Bibliography?

[OWL hoot] One of the most important parts of conducting  research for any project is reading and   collecting sources. But what do you do when  you're swimming in dozens of books, reports,   and journal articles? How do  you keep your head above water?   Hi, I'm Helen from the OWL. Today we're going to  talk about something that can help us […]

Creating Alerts In Proquest

In this article I’m going to show you how to set up an alert using the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. Now an alert is a wonderful tool that will help you keep up to date with the latest publications that fall within your search parameters. So, to do this you first need to make sure that you are logged […]

What Makes A Good Personal Statement?

So for your personal statement you kinda have to lay it out like three paragraphs so then the first bit needs to be like an introduction on why you want to do Chemistry, or Chemistry for me, and then the middle bit about like to show your passion for that subject I like that could include like readings like extra […]

Leadership Essay Topics

Leadership Essay Topics and other College Admissions Secrets and Tips to Look Exceptional. Hello my name is Kamala Appel, author of the award-winning book, Keys to the CASTLE available at collegeadmissionstips.com. I have been where you are and got in everywhere I applied, including a competitive state school (U.C. Berkeley) and three Ivy League colleges (Yale, Princeton, and Brown). If […]

Essay Topic Ideas – 2021

Figuring out an essay topic can be frustrating. We’re here to help. Hi. I’m Mark with EssayPro, and in this article, we will cover the most successful essay topics for this year. Topic #1 – A Life Changing Experience Let’s dive right in with something personal. A good essay topic would be ‘A Life-Changing Experience’ Pretty straight-forward stuff. You should […]

Changing the World – Swarthmore College

Our alums remind me of why this is such a special and important institution. To be able to take the intellectual curiosity, that passion for enthusiasm, the self awareness and confidence, those are all reflections of the mission of the college and how it shapes the lives of our alums. Seth and I met at Swarthmore. Our wedding was like […]

Q&A with Second-Year Stanford MBA Students

To get started, I just wanted to ask you both to introduce yourself. We are really fortunate today to have two second year students with us, Petra Weiss and Mike Ding. Thank you again for joining us. Could both of you talk a little bit about your backgrounds? How did you come to the GSB? Why did decide to pursue […]