Content Writing – Seo Content Writing | Earn In Writing – Part 1

Hello MomShees!🙋 In today's article, we're having a live interview with an SEO Content Specialist. We're going to have a conversation with a fellow MomShee, and she will also share with us some tips and guides on how you can start becoming a content writer, or a content specialist. So, if you're interested in our topic for today, Make sure to read the whole article, and make sure your notification bells🔔 are ON, For updates on upcoming articles here on our blog. What are you waiting for??? We are going to start as in right N-O-W!!! Before I introduce our guest for tonight, To the newbies here on our Facebook page, and if you're reading our replay on YouTube, I'm Sheena Santos, and here on this blog, we share tips and guides about working from home, online freelancing, and of course, the life of a homebased mom! Anyway, I am grateful to those who attend and will be attending our discussion tonight. You are all welcome to ask questions, Shout out to everyone! Our guest has arrived, and I'm going to introduce her to everyone, Let us all welcome, MomShee Joice Carrido – Carrera!  Joice: Hi! Sheena: I hope you have eaten well, MomShee Joice… Joice: Yes, we had an early dinner so we could prepare for our live discussion… Sheena: Thank you very much for accepting our interview invitation, I need an expert in the field of content writing, Joice: Thank you for having me, Sheena: Later on, I will let you share some good news with everyone, for now, let's proceed with our topic, This is just storytelling, it's like we're homebased-KADA! By the way, I would like to address if it's alright with you, as one of ours as a fellow homebased-KADA, Coz we are in a community where we treat everyone like friends.

We are homebased-KADA! Joice: I like that! Hello homebased-KADA! This is reality! Homebased life! Hello to all our viewers, to momShee Sheena's Homebased-KADAs! I'm Joice, I'm an SEO Content Specialist I started as a Content writer, because it is where I am specialized in, then eventually, I ventured into purely SEO Content Strategy, So, anything when it comes to content, I'm the one who's making it.

I've been working from home for almost 5 years. I started this when I decided to have my own family, and I think it's a common story to momShees out there, Once you become a mother, you consider staying at home and focus on your family, and work from home because as much as possible, you like to help with your family's finances, I think this is customary to us, as work from home moms Sheena: Before you became an SEO Content specialist, did you learn any other skills? Joice: I have a lot! At first, I want to focus on Writing, because at that time, I felt that it was the only thing I know. I also studied Graphic design, WordPress development, I also became a VA, I worked as a VA specializing in E-commerce at Shopify, Dropshipping, I did a lot before I discovered that this is the one I chose to work on, So while I'm on my journey as VA, I always get back to content writing I decided to focus on it.

I studied a lot. Because I didn't have any idea when I started working from home, What are the skills I can offer? I tried everything. Sheena: Have you felt a passion for Writing even before? Joice: Yes. I do a lot of writing when I was young, But I am not familiar with web contents, I've created blogs before, but it's for personal journal-type use only, By the time I started working, I focus on my thesis because I was an Instructor, I don't have any specific topics about my writing experience, I write about different things, I have no idea what web content I should focus on, but eventually, I learned about it, Even though I love writing, I still learned the principles I needed to learn for web content.

Sheena: I also do the same, but I don't see myself in the field of writing, and I thought of reaching out to an expert like you. and our group is requesting topics about content writing. We had discussions on Content writing and Copywriting, What is the difference between the two? Or are there any similarities about it? Joice: Relatively, it has the same basic principles, because you have a common ground when doing content and copywriting, which is to make sure the readers are hooked. That's your end goal, but the main difference is in terms of its objectives. Content writing is informative, like blog articles, for example, You're sharing information, you're educating your readers, Copywriting has a goal, and that is to make a sale. So, if you're not selling anything, If you're only telling a story or sharing a piece of information, mostly, that's content.

For example, the About us page of a certain website. What it usually does is to inform the story of that brand. That is the only thing you can see on the About us page of a website; so that is content. But once you're selling a product, and you want to get the readers to do something, Let's say, click the link to download this… or to purchase an item, if you have that kind of goal, then that is Copywriting. What we usually see on Facebook Ads, the items they sell are the classic example of copies, which are created by Copywriters, But the blog articles if we searched through Google, Which laptop brand is better? For example, So, the reviews you searched based on that laptop contains more content. But just to make it clear about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), If you create contents involving SEO, You also have the objective of making a sale.

That is why there's an overlapping function between content writing and Copywriting. Because if you make a blog article, for example, You may incorporate sales copies in it as well, and in that case, it converts into a copy, instead of just content. But their main difference is that Content is informative and educational, A Copy is sale. Sheena: Does it differ with email copywriting? Is anyone else still doing that? Joyce: Yes.

Some writers focus on email copywriting, Most emails are copies, the main challenge is the sequence when doing emails. When you subscribed to an email list, You'll notice the flow of the email content, even if it's done separately, And that's the goal of email copywriters. Sheena: To our viewers, if you have questions, please comment below, and we'll do our best to answer it one by one. Shout-out to our 53 viewers! Thank you very much! Is there a difference between a content writer and a content specialist? Or is it just a skill upgrade?

Joyce: There is a big difference between the two, A Content specialist does not only write contents, You also provide content strategy, as well as content plans, You provide content optimization, You also manage editing and proofreading of the contents. And that is what I do for now, I manage everything except writing, because I also supervise writers, My main role to the writers is to provide the outline, in which I provide the topic and what information it should contain, then, I will check it before it's published on the website. So, that's the difference. A Content writer creates the content, They can also optimize the content they're creating, But the quality control is handled by the content specialist. Sheena: Does it mean that content writers can write content without SEO? And you're the one in-charge of maximizing the quality of their contents?

Joyce: Yes. That is possible. Some agencies do that, but as for my client, Before I give out the topics to the writers, I provide notes as to how they should optimize a certain keyword, I give specific instructions, And I optimize and review the contents further before it should be published. Sheena: Okay. I have a question from one of our viewers, Where do you get the ideas for the content? Is it from sample quotes or a certain blog?

Joyce: Well, I think content ideas are most challenging, As a content specialist, there are times that I'm running out of ideas as to what content we should focus on, but one of the ways I do it is research competitor websites, I see through as to what content creates the most traffic, Then, I take it from there. For example, They have content about the best laptops of 2020, Let's say it's their number 1 content, Then, I will focus on their number 1 product recommendation, I can provide an article just about their number 1 product. So, if they have top 10 laptop recommendations, I can get at least 10 content ideas from there. One by one, I can make a review based on their recommendations. So, that's one way of getting ideas, through Competitor research. The second one is through Google trends. You may check it on their website,, You can check the trending topics from your industry or niche where you focus on, See-through the most interesting topic, Usually when it comes to SEO, You have to check how profitable the content is, based on how interesting the topic is on the market.

So, those are the two ways I use to get content ideas; Competitor research, and Google trends. Sheena: Competitor research and Google trends. Got it! Kindly take note of that, especially for those who are interested to learn content writing and content specialist. There's another question here, but before I proceed, I have a question first, Who are the potential clients if you're a content specialist or a content writer? Joyce: The clientele for content writers is very extensive, because all businesses require content. As for me, I focus on affiliate marketers or affiliate bloggers, Those are my target clients, But when it comes to affiliate marketing, it comes with different niche, Others focus as lifestyle bloggers, Then they affiliate on lifestyle products.

Others focus on the health niche, so they affiliate with health products. They are all different. It's not specific even as an affiliate marketer. But my suggestion if you're not yet sure about the clients, Do something that interests you, something that you want to make a connection with, If you're interested in skincare, try searching for skincare brands, and most of them have blogs, You can become a content writer for them, If you want more YouTube influencers like you, They're looking for content writers to compose scripts for their articles, The clientele is very extensive, because all businesses require content for their online market. If there's no content, then there's no business. It's very broad, and there are a lot of options. Sheena: This is a great chance for those who are still thinking about what skills to add, especially for those who have a passion for writing, They can start learning about this.

It's expansive and there are more opportunities especially for beginners. You can even start working using your cellphones, right? Joyce: Yes! Sheena: Coz some of our homebased-KADAs are asking what online jobs they can apply for if they're only using their cellphones. Joyce: Yes, you don't need more tools or other software in content writing, You can use even the most basic laptop.

You can use your cellphones although it's a bit complicated if you can do it just fine, then you can proceed with content writing. You don't need any software or any tools. You can use a gadget or an entry-level laptop. Sheena: We have a follow-up question, Can you become a content writer even if you are not good in English? TO BE CONTINUED…