Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription support

What do I get with a Free Registration?

Free Registration lets you run any Cramlet™ marked ‘Free’ in our library. (These are over 100 of our most popular Cramlets™.) It also includes our regular College-Cram newsletter and other services (like college sports feeds, iTunes’ hottest songs, your local weather, etc.) available on your own personalized home page.

What’s my username?

Your username is the email address you used to sign up for your Free Registration.

How do I get my password?

A random password is sent to the email address you provided as part of your Free Registration. Check your email for a message from [email protected] for the password. (Once you log in for the first time, you’ll probably want to click the Change Password button to change it to something easier to remember.)

What do I get with a Premium Upgrade?

The Premium Upgrade includes all the Free Registration features (100+ free Cramlets™, newsletter, iTunes, etc.). In addition, you also get complete access to our entire library of tutorials, homework helpers, pay for essay, research papers for sale and reference programs. This ever-growing library is available all day every day, ready to help you study smarter when you need it.

Is the Premium Upgrade a one-time charge?

The Premium Upgrade is a single one-time charge for the life of your subscription. There are no recurring charges or hidden fees involved. Prices start as low as $5 for one week or $15 for one month, with discounts for longer subscriptions.

What happens when my Premium Upgrade runs out?

Once your Premium Upgrade expires, your account reverts back to a Free Registration.

Can I get a Premium Upgrade anytime?

The Premium Upgrade is available to any subscriber at any time. If you already have a Premium Upgrade in place, the new subscription time is added onto the end of your existing subscription.

Site support

What browsers work best with this site?

This site works best with Netscape Navigator 7.0 or higher and Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, on either MacOS or Windows operating systems. It also works well with Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 and Opera 8.01.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be reviewed in full. We do not store any of your credit card information, and do not share any of your demographic information with third parties. We do not save any cookies to your hard disk, and we do not use spyware.

How often are the library contents updated?

Our development efforts are ongoing, so the library grows whenever we have new resources ready for your use. Typically, we create dozens of new products each month to help you study smarter.

How can I make suggestions on new Subjects or topics I’d like to see?

This website is built for students, so we love hearing from you. Use Contact to tell us what subjects and/or concepts you want to see. Let us know, too, what you think of what we already have.

Does this site use cookies?

This site uses per-session cookies to facilitate the login process. It does not otherwise leave any cookies (or spyware) on your hard disk.

Login support
I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

At the top of any page, just enter your username and click the Forgot Password button to have a new password sent to your email address.

How do I change my password?

Just click the Change Password button at the top of your personalized home page to change your password. (You’ll need to log in first, just so we’re sure that you are really you!)

Can I change my username?

Your subscription is tied to your university email address, which doubles as your username, so you can’t change the username. (Unless you get another email address…!)

The site won’t let me login, what’s up?

Since the login process requires per-session cookies, you’ll need to enable them. (Per-session cookies are non-stored cookies that retain no demographic information about you — they only help identify your login.)

Library product support

How do the Formula Solver Series programs work?

Formula Solver! Series programs are all organized in a similar fashion. After reviewing the brief explanation of the concept, click the Begin button to start. Click the Next and Prev buttons to move forwards and backwards through the step-by-step solution. (**Hint: Once you have the correct answer, you can change the values and click Next again to recalculate all the steps.**)

How do the flashcard programs work?

Click the gray box under the term to reveal the matching definition. The Next and Prev buttons move you through the displayed theme; you can change the theme by clicking the << and >> buttons. Study in reverse order by clicking the Term=>Match button. (This may be called something else like Foreign=>English.) As you learn the terms, mark them by checking the “I Know This” box so you can exclude them with the Exclude Known Terms button.

How do the Tab Tutor programs work?

These programs all follow a four-tab layout, and you can click on each tab to access its contents. The first tab is a general introduction to the concept, the second and third tabs have examples that explore the concepts in more detail. (You can usually enter your own numbers here and walk through the solutions.) The fourth tab is a glossary of terms — just mouse over the term on the left to see a detailed definition.

How do the trivia programs work?

Each trivia quiz consists of ten randomly selected questions. You get one point for clicking on the correct answer on your first try. Click the << and >> buttons to move through the questions, and click the curved arrow in the top right corner to generate a new quiz.

How do the financial ratio programs work?

Financial ratio programs are all similarly organized. First they walk you through the ratio using the Bogus Manufacturing Corporation’s financial statements. You then get the chance to enter your own values, with which the program recalculates the steps and correct answers. (Click the Next and Prev buttons to move through the tutorial.)