Roaring Past the 500-Tutorial Milestone

The Smartacus Corporation roars past the 500-tutorial milestone

Fort Worth, Texas (Jun 10, 2020) – School may be out for most students college paper for sale, but that doesn’t slow down the folks at The Smartacus Corporation. They announced today that their flagship website has passed the 500-tutorial milestone critical to their continued success. is a 24/7 quick cram resource pay for essays for students in math, business, science and foreign languages. The College-Cram library boasts 511 interactive modules or “Cramlets™” to help students learn key concepts in time for their next big test.

“Our growing Cramlet™ library has been a big factor in our success,” said Brian Shannon, Smartacus president. “Each one is truly interactive, not just an automated page turner. We have Formula Solvers that walk you step-by-step through solving a formula using your own numbers, and Tab Tutors that use multiple learning styles to teach concepts. We have structured tutorials for concepts like factoring trinomials, and unstructured discovery-oriented ones for science topics like the periodic table. With 511 Cramlets™ and growing, we’ve proven that we’re here for the long haul.”

“Student feedback to our service has been very encouraging,” added CFO Jack Robinson. “Across the country and around the world, students are using our Cramlets™ to learn and they’re telling their friends about it, too!” offers subscriptions to its ever-growing library, and includes dozens of free Cramlets™ to give students and instructors a sampling of the breadth and depth available.

The Smartacus Corporation (a client of Tech Fort Worth business incubator) is a global publisher of e-learning materials for high school, home-school, and college students. It currently operates, a 24/7 quick cram resource for college students, and, a tutorial library and study site for high school and home-school students. Its products focus on the student and strive to be useful, useable, and unique. The Smartacus Corporation is currently seeking investment to support increased production and marketing activities.