Smartacus Study Sheets

Now that the November newsletter is out, we turned out attention to our latest product research paper for sale — the Smartacus Study Sheets™.

Students have been using study sheets for years. Collections of notes, formulas, and such presented on one or more sheets make a great reference for studying. We’ve kicked it up a notch by embedding links for running the appropriate Cramlets™.

You can find our growing collection of Smartacus Study Sheets™ by clicking here.

They have everything we described above — notes, formulas, and Cramlet™ links — and you can print them if you want.

OK, here’s the best part: you don’t need to be logged in to use the study sheets! Sure, you need to register to use the Cramlets™, but you can view and print any Smartacus Study Sheet™ without registering or logging in, pay for essay.

Don’t stay up too late!
Professor Cram