Accounting Terms Review

Accounting Cycle

Accounting Cycle Quiz — Review accounting cycle terms and definitions like adjusting entries, the chart of accounts, and adjusted trial balance with this 10 random question quiz you can take as many times as you want.

My Accounting Cycle – Flash Cards — Use these flash cards to practice your grasp of debits, credits, the journaling process, and other terms associated with the accounting cycle.

Business Organization

Intro Business Quiz — How well do you know your business terms? Take the plunge with this fun quiz — ten questions randomly selected from accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, business organization, and human resources.

My Intro Business Flashcards — Learn the important terms and definitions for accounting, marketing, economics, and other business disciplines with these flashcards. You can even study while you play a concentration game, too!

Discounts and Invoices

Common Invoice Terms Quiz — This fun quiz is a great way to study common terms used in invoicing such as proximo, ROG dating, and terms of sale.

Financial Statements

Balance Sheet Quiz — Study balance sheet terms like assets, depreciation, goodwill, and more with this fun quiz.

Cash Flow Quiz — Study terms from the cash flow statement like net cash, prepaid expenses, payment of dividends, and more with this fun quiz.