Simple Interest: Bottomless Worksheet

With this Bottomless Worksheet you can get endless practice on calculating simple interest from the principal amount, number of periods, and interest rate. A printed copy, answer sheet, and another ten problems are all just a button-click away. Continue reading

Present Value: Bottomless Worksheet

Get endless practice with this Bottomless Worksheet in calculating present value from future value, number of periods, and interest rate. At a button-click it creates ten more problems for you to solve, complete with printed copy and answer sheet. Continue reading

Present Value

This Flash tutorial walks you through the steps to calculate present value from the future value, interest rate, and number of maturity periods. You can enter your own values, too. Continue reading

Study Sheet of Markup and Markdown

Explore the basics of markup and markdown with this Smartacus Study Sheet. Use it to study definitions and formulas (including cost markup, price markup, calculating markdown, and pricing perishables). It also prints for easy reference. Continue reading

Trade Discounts: Bottomless Worksheet

This Bottomless Worksheet is a way to practice working with list price, trade discount amount, and discount rates. At the click of a button, it creates ten more problems for you to solve. A printed copy and answer sheet is also available. Continue reading