Equation of a Straight Line

In a cartesian plane, a line is defined as a series of x,y coordinates. The equation of a line, or linear equation, is a formula that describes this series. Learn about the three forms of linear equations in this tutorial. Continue reading

Graphing a Straight Line

This tutorial will show you how to take the slope-intercept form of a linear equation and use it to graph a straight line. You won’t have to fear x-intercepts and y-intercepts any longer! Continue reading

Graphing a Linear Inequality

Graphing a linear inequality (Ax + By < C) is not as hard as it sounds. This tutorial will walk you through the steps, and familiarize you with the finer points of the x-intercept, y-intercept, and boundary line. Continue reading

Equation of a Straight Line Using Slope-Intercept

Do you need to determine the slope and Y-intercept of a straight line, but all you have is the Standard Form of the equation (Ax + By = C)? Use this Formula Solver Series program to learn how to find the slope-intercept form. Continue reading

Equation of a Straight Line Using Point and Slope

How do you find the equation of a straight line from the slope and a single point? Use this Formula Solver Series program to determine the Slope-Intercept, Point-Slope, and Standard forms. Continue reading

Bottomless Worksheet of Slope-Intercept Formula

This Bottomless Worksheet can give you endless practice on finding the slope and y-intercept from the Slope-Intercept Form. At the click of a button, it creates ten more problems for you to solve. A printed copy and answer sheet is also available. Continue reading