Thesis Statement Generator

Welcome! Today we will discuss thesis statements. Trust me you are going this groovy lesson. It will have you up on your feet dancing as it sets you up to be able to write a focused thesis statement for your essay. Before beginning our lesson, however, it is important to understand the definition of a thesis statement. A thesis statement serves as a roadmap or guide for your essay. Just like you would not set out on a trip without a map, you would not write an essay without a thesis statement.

The thesis statement needs to be an energized strong sentence that encapsulates the overall point of your essay. It also needs to be a complete sentence. Just like this gorilla leaves no one guessing as to who is the king of the jungle, so most your thesis statement leave the audience clearly understanding your central argument. So now that you’ve learned how important thesis statements are to your essay, let’s cook up a good one for you. Writing a strong thesis statement can be a hard order to fill, but the Thesis Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence can help you to stay on target when writing one. In order to log into the thesis generator, go to the main University Library link located right up here at the top of the page.

Next, select the Center for Writing Excellence link right here. You will want to click on the Visit Tutorials and Guides link right here. Finally, select the Automated Tool for Developing Your Thesis Statement link right here. The page that looks like this will populate for you. You will then want to choose the next button to get started on your thesis writing adventure.

Next you will be told that your thesis statement for a persuasive essay needs to explain to your audience your main claim of the paper, the reasons supporting this claim, and the order you will present your reasons. This page will direct you on how to use the thesis generator. Important reminders here note that the thesis statements produced will need revision before they are acceptable. Also noted is the fact that you can use this thesis generator to practice writing different thesis statements for your essay. Before you start using the thesis generator to generate your thesis statements you, however, will need to do a number of magical things. First you will want to identify your topic.

Next you will want to determine what you want your main point about your topic to be. After determining your main point, you will identify your audience. Finally, you will want to come up with some supporting reasons or some points that support your main thesis statement. At the next slide some instructions are offered. These tips will help to ensure the thesis statement generator generates the best possible thesis statement for you. Instruction number one when beginning to use the thesis generator system is to answer its questions using short phrases. Do not use complete sentences when completing the form.

Instruction number two is to not use punctuation marks such as periods at the end of the phrase. Instruction number three directs us to not capitalize letters at the beginning up the phrases you write. Instruction number four is make sure to click on a generator thesis statement button after answering the questions. Instruction number five notes that you need to revise the thesis statements that the thesis statement generator generates so that they make sense and articulate your beliefs. Finally, instruction number six notes to click on a Make and Outline button.

Feel free to use the outline to help you to write your essay. The next page will model the same questions you will soon be asked when you use the thesis generator. Next the three types of thesis statements that will be generated are modeled for you. Take a peek at them to learn more about the formats of each of the three different types the thesis statement generator will generate. Next, grab your hard hat and get ready to do some work.

What you can do will really pack a punch. To begin your work, you will need to answer some questions. The first question is: What is the topic you want to write about? In this case I am writing an essay about the importance of vaccinations. So, I write: requiring standard vaccinations. Next I am asked: What is your main opinion on this topic?

In this case I have written: standard vaccinations should be required. The next question I am asked is: What is the strongest reason supporting your opinion? In answer I wrote: standard vaccinations safeguard the health of children and the general public. News flash: We interrupt this program for an important bulletin. This will only be a brief interruption in your regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes when you are developing a thesis statement, you will want to list the three major points that you will cover in 3 your body paragraphs.

Unfortunately, the thesis statement generator isn’t set up to generate a thesis statement that lists points, but there is a way to work around this problem. You can work around this problem by listing your two strongest reasons in this section here where it requests you to list your best point in support of your essay’s topic. I was sneaky in the way I did this. In my essay I know that I would like to have a paragraph about how standard vaccinations will safeguard the health of children, so I included that part right here. Furthermore, in my essay I know that in addition to writing about how vaccinations safeguard the health of children in my first body paragraph, I know that in my second body paragraph I want to discuss how vaccination safeguard the health the general public as well, so I have listed that part in this section too.

So, if you want your thesis statement to list your points, list two here. If you do this here in this section, this will help the generator to generate one thesis statement that will list all three of your points. News flash: Now you can return to your regularly scheduled programming. The next question is: What is another strong reason supporting your opinion? In answer I wrote: standard vaccinations safeguard the financial future of healthcare. The next question asks: What is the main argument against your opinion?

In answer I wrote: vaccinations might cause negative health implications. The final question is: What is a possible title for your persuasive essay? For this answer, I wrote: Anti-vaccine = Anti-american. Upon hitting Generate a Thesis Statement, the magic happens! Check this out! Three different types of thesis statements have been created for me to examine.

Isn’t this awesome?! As you can see, the first statement after been a revision reads: Even though vaccinations might cause negative health implications, standard vaccinations should be required because standard vaccinations safeguard the health of children, the general public, and the financial future health care. I like this one because it nicely list the three main points that I will use to support my essay in one thesis statement. I love it! The second possible thesis statement is: Standard vaccinations should be required because standard vaccinations safeguard the financial future of healthcare. This was a bit of a bomb and not up to standards because this one is too narrowly focused and is not general enough to support an entire essay. The third thesis statement generated by the generator says: While vaccinations might cause negative health implications, standard vaccinations should be required.

This thesis statement is acceptable as it is general enough to encompass many reasons vaccinations should be required. You could write at least three body paragraphs using this one. Using the Generate An Outline button here some more magic happens! An outline is generated to help you write your own essay. What an awesome resource to use to help you write a great essay!

Enjoy exploring this resource as you create your thesis statement and outline, and please let your instructor know what questions you have about using this resource.